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Round 2 Playoffs - District 5A-29 Teams
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11.06.11 -5:30pm
Playoffs Round 2

Nov14th - Nov 19th
Some highlights use the voice of Sports Announcer Goyo Lopez.  We thank him.
District 29-5a Area Playoffs - Round 2
LMS, Contributor, (Meme F.) 11.17.11

United Longhorns (8-3) vs. San Benito Greyhounds (9-2)
Both teams are coming off victories in games that went down to the wire. United outlasted Sharyland, 60-42, and San Benito defeated
Edinburg, 24-21. This week’s game has all the makings for a high-scoring thriller. These 2 teams scrimmaged early in the season with
San Benito winning 41-28, but United’s offense had an inexperienced QB and no Billy Williams, and, a scrimmage being what it is, San
Benito was only fine tuning. Add to this the fact that the closest thing to United’s offense that the Greyhounds have seen all year was in
their 49-7 loss to South Texas monster, Harlingen, and it can be concluded that there will be fireworks from both sides.  The Longhorns
defense might have an advantage because they just played Sharyland, which is the closest thing they have seen to the Greyhound
offense. But, then again, San Benito now knows that United has problems against the Spread with the Read-Option, which San Benito
runs very well. Not only that, but the Greyhounds also come at you with Pitch-Option, run of the mill rushing plays and assorted passes.
The Greyhounds will try to slow down a United offense which is led by a now experienced QB Alec Salas who has 3,062 yards passing
with 41 TD’s this year. And now accompanying him will be RB Billy Williams who is coming off an outstanding performance and will
once again be key on whether his team will advance to the next round. San Benito will be led by QB Jacob Puente who has 1,327
passing yards with 8 TD’s and 14 INT’s and 1,046 rushing yards with 12 TD’s. Look for him to handoff to RB Arturo Coronado who has
1,060 rushing yards and 13 Total TD’s and RB Anthony Lopez who has 526 rushing yards and 6 TD’s. If this game goes as advertised, it
could be decided late in the 3rd or early in the 4th quarter. If United takes a good lead, it will force the Greyhounds to resort to their
passing game which is very prone to being intercepted. Should San Benito take the lead, they have all the ability to play ball possession
and work the clock.   

Alexander Bulldogs (11-0) vs. Brownsville Pace Vikings (9-2)
The Alexander Bulldogs will try to stay perfect and advance to the next round. They looked powerful last week when they showed they
can turn it on at the very sound of the gun and stay relentless throughout. According to people in the Valley, the Brownsville Pace
Vikings have played their 2 best games of the season these last two weeks. They beat undefeated Weslaco 28-21 and PSJA North 42-21.
This week could be a matchup of 2 teams peaking at the very same moment.  The Alexander defense was solid last week and has
played steadily all year. They have faced teams with an offensive style similar to that of the Vikings (65% Run/35% Pass). The
Brownsville Pace defense has come up with 27 sacks, 22 INT’s, and 10 fumble recoveries. I see one problem for them, though. All year
they have not seen an Alexander type of passing attack with an extremely mobile QB in a spread offense. The key for the Vikings to win
the game is for their defense do what they have been doing all season: apply pressure on the QB, wrap up the QB before he escapes the
pocket, and most importantly, create turnovers. In other words – DEFENSE. As far as Alexander goes, they just have to keep doing what
has got them here: spread the ball out to keep the opposing defense off balance, have the QB escape the blitzes, and play solid
defense. Something has to give. The Brownsville Pace Vikings will be led by QB Dustin Hernandez with his 1,522 passing yards, 16 TD’s,
and 6 INT’s and his 401 yards rushing with 6 TD’s. He gets help from RB Adrian Alejandro who has 954 total yards and 9 TD’s, WR Danny
Munoz with 700 yards receiving and 10 Total TD’s, and RB Sam Trejo with 580 yards rushing and 9 Total TD’s. Alexander will be led by
the 3-headed-monster of QB Brian Swain 3,102 Yards passing with 30 TD’s and 922 yards rushing with 16 TD’s and RB Xavier Skaggs
and WR Daniel Ramos. This game’s outcome will depend on whether the Vikings can catch super elusive Alexander QB Brian Swain or
at least create turnovers. If not, this one can get ugly.

Del Rio Rams (9-2) vs. Harlingen Cardinals (11-0)
The Del Rio Rams are coming off a big win over Donna 34-7, but here comes Harlingen -- The Big Bad Wolf of South Texas. A
perennial power, Harlingen is having one of its best years ever. They are the favorites to win Region 4 (yes, even over the San Antonio
schools), and they have been ranked as high as #11 in the state in the High School Football: Texas AP Poll. The Cardinals are also #1
in the state in points scored (596 Points for an average of 54 points a game). Del Rio allows 13 points a game defensively and produces
40 points on offense. The Rams have played some good teams this season, but Harlingen will be the most physical, fastest, and most
explosive team yet. Del Rio’s chances to win and crash the party will hinge on whether they can play perfectly sound football with no
penalties while creating stops and turnovers and at the same time play keep-away offensively with long, sustained drives resulting in
points. Del Rio will be led by QB Jorge Fernandez with his 1,500+ yards passing and 18 TD’s with 4 INT’s along with WR Jordan Terrell
who has 748 offensive total yards and averages 16.6 yards a touch with 13 Offensive Total TD’s and RB Gudelio Garza who has 1,100+
yards rushing with 16 TD’s. Harlingen will be led by QB Kevin Ledesma who has 2,150 total yards of offense with 28 Total TD’s along
with RB Brian Blake with his 1,100 yards rushing and 12 TD’s rushing and WR Randy Bermea with his 783 yard receiving and 10 Total
TD’s. Don’t let those numbers fool you as starters were usually pulled by halftime because of scores. The tables have turned on Del Rio
as last week their opponent (Donna) would have had to play a perfect game to have a chance at beating them. It’s the Rams turn to take
a seat on that spot as now they will have to play the perfect game to have a shot. If not, this one can turn into, believe it or not, -- even if
it’s Del Rio -- a blowout.

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